Cannabis Transportation

Transporting cannabis products is riskier than other industries. In addition to theft, businesses also contend with the complex legal system whenever a product goes out of state.

Cannabis transportation professionals manage the logistics of transferring products across state lines that have different laws or violate federal policies. Technically, cannabis Schedule 1 status on the federal level makes it illegal to transport cannabis anywhere in the country. 

Factors to consider for cannabis transportation include: 

  • Is your product insured during transport? 
  • Are your containers sealed and properly stored? 
  • Do you have the required permits and licensing to transport cannabis products within those states?

Hiring a safe and secure transportation company ensures that products will ship without additional costs or worries. These resources will help you in transporting cannabis products.

Transporting cannabis is a complex but necessary piece for successful cannabis businesses. Connecting with a network of transport professionals will help your business succeed. 

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