Cannabis Real Estate

Cannabis real estate is a complex piece of building a cannabis business. 

Most cannabis properties are listed for sale in “green zones” (areas zoned for cannabis businesses).  

What To Look For In A Cannabis Property: 

  • What type of zone is it in? “Green zone” designation does not guarantee that your cannabis business can operate there. Some properties are zoned for specific cannabis-related activity. For example, retail might be allowed but not cultivation.
  • A cannabis realtor. Few realtors are familiar with cannabis real estate. Find one that is.
  • The surrounding area. Even if the property is properly zoned, consider the neighbors. If you’re purchasing in or near a residential area, will it be worth the potential complaints and arguments? Can you find a more secluded location?  
  • Property type. Cannabis businesses usually have specific site needs to operate. Does this property have the infrastructure you need? Or at minimum, the potential for it?

Selecting a cannabis property can feel daunting. We’ve gathered the below resources on cannabis real estate to assist you with the process.

Choosing a cannabis realtor is one of many professionals you’ll need to find. We can connect you to them all. 

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